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June 13th, 2012

I have a deep passion for food, as well as sharing the things I do and think. I’m not new to blogging, having posting regularly to a LiveJournal for almost 10 years. I loved writing so frequently, but after a series of bad breakups, I grew uncomfortable with putting up so much of my personal life for public display.

A blog about food seemed a natural fit, but it wasn’t until 2011 that I began to seriously contemplate starting one. Serious in that I began writing a custom content management system for the blog. But, to have the functionality and features I wanted became a huge project in its own right. It was a catch 22. I wanted to write, but couldn’t because the site wasn’t finished. And because the site wasn’t finished, it was slowly taking away my desire to write. It wasn’t until May of 2012 that I said to hell with it, scrapped the code I had and put a WordPress install on my web host.

I still needed to design the site itself. Because I love Jon Gruber’s sense of simplicity, it’s loosely based off of Daring Fireball. It’s a simple, uncluttered design. There are no blogrolls, share buttons, calendar, categories, ads or anything else. Though I do reserve the right to someday place unassuming ads. But for now, what you see is what you read; no chaff on this wheat.

I’m not entirely sure what direction this site will eventually face. For now, I’m just throwing ideas against the wall and seeing what sticks and what drives my passion further. So sit back and enjoy the ride.

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