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It’s Cherry Season… Maybe?   Permalink

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Cherries are one of my favourite fruit. This year hasn’t been good to the cherry crops in Eastern Canada and U.S. Northeast. A tepid winter combined with a few very cold weeks in spring meant that cherry trees blossomed early and later frosts froze the flowers on the branch. This ended up staunching the future growth of the fruit later on. As such, sweet cherry crop expectations have been reduced. Tart cherries—the ones most often made into pies—were bitten by frost only shortly after the buds opened, and have suffered even more dramatically.

Meagen Finnerty reporting for the Erie Times-News:

The frosts destroyed 70 to 100 percent of cherry crops for local farms, Andy Muza, fruit crop agent with the Erie County Cooperative Extension, said.

“The 70 percent might even be generous,” he said.

In other words, Cherries are gonna be mighty ‘spensive this year.